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"SMILE makes you feel confident when you meet friends or to make new business contacts. All you need to contact a perfect dental surgeon to get that smile"

Cosmetic Dentistry

For us, cosmetic dentistry holds a unique meaning. We don't just mechanically align your teeth but we take into consideration various factors such as age, sex, occupation, personality, expectations, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour and facial features in a harmonious blend to give you a smile that will be the envy of others. All mild to extreme cases of cosmetic dental corrections are treated will flawless perfection by us using the latest techniques in dentistry.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures involve the following treatments
Porcelain Veneers

Instant Tooth Whitening
Composite Veneers

Recon touring of teeth

Aesthetic Full Ceramic Crowns
Crown Lengthening

Composite restorations and build ups

Gum depigmentation

A variety of dental defects can be corrected using the above procedures. Even normal smiles can be enhanced to give it that glamorous look.
Before After
Cosmetic Dental Procedures involve the following treatments
Crooked teeth Missing teeth
Chipped teeth Stained teeth
Spaces between teeth Misaligned teeth
Protruding teeth Smiles which are not in harmony with the facial features

Let us show you how a smile makeover or a simple smile enhancement can rejuvenate your smile. Since your smile makes the first impression on everyone you meet, a radiant bright smile will do much more than just cosmetic make ups or a new hair style to enhance your personality. It will boost your personality and literally change your life! If you too would like to experience the magic of a stunning smile, book your appointment today and stand out from the rest.

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